Energetic Pathways


I was having trouble with my heirloom organic garden producing enough food for us.  Energetic Pathways came in and balanced the ley lines going west to east.  In the fall, I had such a bumper crop of heirloom tomatoes that I couldn’t even give it all away!
Anonymous, Northern Wisconsin (energy balancing)

That was by far the most powerful energy clearing I’ve ever experienced.
Anonymous, Denver Colorado (energy balancing)

Ever since you gave me that energy balancing chip, I have slept with it under my pillow and have risen from my nocturnal slumber with no neck or shoulder pain! This is amazing and I wanted to thank you. I am blessed that we have crossed paths.
Anonymous, Northfield Minnesota (energy balancing)

Your medicine is strong. ✨ Thanks for making this custom batch for me brother.
Anonymous, Washington State (custom blend spagyric customer)