The Importance of Minerals and Your Health

The Importance of Minerals and Your Health

“Minerals are links between Earth and human health” this is a quote from as earth is our primary life-support system, supplying our basic needs for minerals, water, and air. There is a connection between Geology and Health.

Over 90% of all body functions require minerals. Just like vitamins, minerals help your body grow, develop, and stay healthy. Without them, not a single muscle including your heart and brain could function. Also, research indicates that almost every ailment, sickness and disease can be traced to a mineral deficiency. When the body lacks minerals, the vitamins coming from the food you eat, won’t be assimilated.

Minerals in general are formed through crystallization, the process by which atoms are arranged to form a material with a crystal structure. The five major minerals in the human body are calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. All of the remaining elements in the human body are called trace elements. These trace minerals have a specific biochemical function in the human body. Examples are sulfur, iron, chlorine, cobalt, copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, iodine, and selenium.

Some minerals are needed in larger amounts than others, for example, the five major ones I mentioned. Others are required in smaller quantities like the trace minerals. You can find minerals in food like meat, cereals, fish, dairy foods, fruit, vegetables, and nuts, yet nowadays the things we eat are not as nutritious as it was in the past.

There are usually 4 generations of minerals:

  • 1st generation: Natural Mined Minerals
  • 2nd generation: Chelated Minerals
  • 3rd generation: Colloidal Minerals
  • 4th generation: A Combination of Minerals

But through extensive research and development, ION5 offers a 5th generation mineral that offers a better and more effective delivery system, similar to the fluid found in the human body which is easily recognized and absorbed by the body. ION5 is a natural energetic trace mineral included among the naturally concentrated blend of over 72 natural minerals found in the Great Salt Lake.

ION5 is nearly 100% absorbable, so it goes right into our cells. They work through a unique ion transport system to help our cells dump toxins, absorb nutrients and function at a higher frequency. The energetics technology is a subtle energy force that works on the same energetic principle as acupuncture and “ki”, which influences the body on all levels – mental, psychological, and physiological. The body lights up and begins to work more efficiently. These products are helping our bodies integrate the higher vibrations coming onto the planet at this time. They are literally helping our bodies shift along with the new Earth!

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